Dive the Thousand Islands

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For authors and co-authors, Skip Couch, Dennis & Kathi McCarthy, this is both a new book and an update of two previous books in one. This new book combines the Skip's Divers Guides (Cape Vincent to Clayton and the Narrows to Alex Bay) with lots of new information on wrecks and dive sites into one book that covers all the Thousand Islands.

“Dive the Thousand Islands" has information for divers on location, depths, access, visibility, bottom type and description as well as information on the site history.

In the chapter “Finding Your Dive Site” this book includes how GPS works and how to locate a site.

Included is a chapter “Enjoy Your Dive” with information to help the scuba diver better understand what he or she may see on their dive.

Pictures in the book range from vintage photographs of the ships to current underwater photos of the wrecks and wreck sites. Extensive use is made of side scan sonar or acoustic images.
136+ Pages, B/W Interior, 8.5" x 11", perfect bound binding.

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