H20 Secrets DVD

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H2O secrets J.B. King Award winning documentary EMU 2009Pixnat production 2009Directed by: Nathalie LasselinFeaturing: Ev Snider, Marc André Bernier, Stancko PolicView Trailer: click here The St lawrence river is the longest inland seaway in the world. It took 350 years to transform it into the blue highwaywe now know. Within its history, the biggest marine industrial disaster in Canada occurred, the lost of the biggest drilling bargethe J.B. King. 78 years after the accident, Nathalie Lasselin put together a team ofrebreather divers to rediscover this lost story. Confronting the depth and current, the team will go on a journeyto identify the exploded wreck’s remains and honour the memory of the Clothes>>Men who lost their lives. In a split second, among the 42 on board, 30 lost their lives. The bodies of seventeen Clothes>>Men were never recovered. Today the sole survivor Ev Snider recounts the fatal day. H2O secrets shares these mysterious underwater treasures. Below the surface a world of marine heritage, biodiversity and endless discovery awaits. Nathalie Lasselin is the founder of Pixnat production. She has been working in the film industry for the last 17 years as a Director of Photography and professional underwater camera operator. Being a occupational and technical diver, she producesdocumentaries to enlight the beauty and treasures of the underwater world. Before H2Osecrets, she directed Facing Darkness and Axis Mundi.SPECIAL ORDER PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR DELIVERY

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