Preserving Our Marine Heritage

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An exhilerating decsription of why the S.O.S. mission and goals are so important. "An Eye Openner" says S.O.S. President who revised thebooklet in2003 that was originally made available in 1989. Format is 5"x7" Booklet. 22 pages. In Portable Documenmt Format (PDF) - requires free Adobe Reader. Includes the story of the Breadalbane ships wheel that was taken off the wreck (against the plan, without a license), the story and cost of it’s 20 year life in the conservation labs at Parks Canada (who had to deal with the issue once it was too late). It’s still there in a special humidified chamber - costing tax payers like you and I. All these stories to explain why shipwrecks, heritage sites and their artifacts are best left where they lay (in situ)- untouched and undisturbed. The wheel has been hidden in the conservation lab almost forever. So how did bringing it up help the greater good of the public? Once day it might, buit at what cost? This is a Digital Download copy that you can print. Prints nice as 2 pages/page (change your print settings when sending to your printer) or as a full 8.5"x11" pages.Purchase of this product helps us with our goals. Consider it a DONATION if you will, but you will get a lot forthe few dollars we ask. Since this is a Digital Download, there is no shipping cost as well!Thank You for buying this Booklet. Read, Enjoy and Please spread the word.Note: this is a copyrighted publication of S.O.S.

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