Safety Wire Pliers


This item is not for sale, but pictured here in detail so you can make your own.All you need is a clip, pliers (with wire cutter), 14 guage galvanized safety wire (soldhereon this site) and~2 feetof 1/8" cord.Using safety wire, attach cord loopto Pliers as shown (fold over twist to prevent poking through your glove). Cut 8" pieces of safety wire and fold end over to make a small loop (so it does not have a sharp end to poke your suit), then make a loop and compress it with the pliers on to the rope loopby the clip (storage of stock wires to be used underwater). Put pliers, cord and clip with folded stock wires in a pocket until you are ready to use them. Clip off pliers toa D-ring.When underwater, cut off one piece of stock wire and fasten lightly tightened shackle through the shackle eye and through the pin hole and twist tightly. Cut off twisted wire about 3/4" up and fold over to prevent sharp edge from piercing divers gloves (see inset photo - same as for pliers).The shackles do not need to be tightened usingthe quote"ArmStrong method" when safety wires are used. They just need to be lightly tightened to allow for easy removal at the end of theseason and for maintenance. Even overly tightened shackles without safety wire will self-unscrew under load of a large vessel.So always install a safety wire. Now you have a properly secured mooring shackle and a tool that will give you years of service.Courtesy of Brian Prince - SOS

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