Shackle Pin Safety Wire


This is galvanized 14 guage wire used to secure the pin on a shackle. Failure to secure the pin will result in an insecure mooring causing unexpected vessel drift and or buoy loss. It has happened many times. Even when the pin is securely and tightly fastened, the load on the shackle will cause the pin to self-unscrew. Tie-wraps, nylon zip-ties are no substiture for this inexpensive wire.Safety wire is manditory on all Screw Pin Shackles on all SOS moorings - NO EXCEPTIONS!Each shackle will need about 6-8 inches. Each coil is 15 meters and may be in eitherof the forms pictured.Discount coupons not premitted forbuoy items. Prices will be corrected on order submission as appropriate in relation to theprice structure.

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