Survey Measuring Tape


This is aMeters and Centimeters on one side and feet and inches on the other. The colour orange makes it very visible and easy to findif put down. These are 30 metters long (98ft). These are great for surveying, but not as versitile for a baseline unless it is a smaller vessel. The tape is fibreglas and is very resistant to streching. They dry well and do not get mouldy or stickybetween the layers of tape if left in the open air to dry. They roll up well. The handle folds over to prevent the tape from reeling out unexpectedly. We recommend you add a clip to the handle.These are special ordered from our supplier and will ship ASAP when received by SOS. Normally they are in stock by our supplier, but we can’t make promises beyond our control.Discount coupons not premitted forthis item. Prices will be corrected on order submission as appropriate in relation to theprice structure.

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