What's Going to Happen to Baby Jane?

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The JANE is a small “baby” freighter (around 60’ long) that sank in Lake Michigan on May 30, 1927 in around 100’ of water. The film was produced and directed by long time SOS Windsor member Mike Spears with much help from other members of the Windsor Chapter, such as long time President, John Karry. Much technical assistance was provided by former Ontario Provincial Underwater Archaeologist, Peter Engelbert. Peter’s “10 Ways to be a Low Impact Diver” were used as part of the framework of the film. (Had we gotten Peter’s 10 ways earlier, they would have been more prominent in the film. Since the film was almost complete, we worked them in as best we could.) Also, prominent SOS Member, the late Joyce Hayward narrated the film. (SOS can rightfully claim a great deal of credit for this film.)